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The web hosting company you need to succeed online. 

We usually like specialized offerings over usual offers in any service, if you are looking for a specialized shared web hosting service, then you can try eHost web hosting services.

eHost offers only shared web hosting services, they are specialized in shared web hosting services.

eHost is a U.S. based web hosting company originated in 1996.

It is one of the web hosting brands of the most popular Endurance International group of companies that owns the hosting provider such as the HostGator, iPage, and BigRock.

eHost is an affordable web hosting company that offers shared web hosting services suitable for any website, eHost web hosting company is known for its simplicity and the extended performance that helps the beginners in building a website online without spending money or time.

In 2015, eHost has been rebranded and re-launched with a new design, logo and control panel most stunningly.

eHost Review: – Who is eHost?

eHost is a reputed hosting company based in Houston, Texas. eHost company claims to host over one million websites on their platform.

Initially, eHost was the website builder and design firm, but lately, it started providing services related to web hosting to its customers.

eHost aims at providing shared web hosting services to all of its client’s websites and blogs.

A few years back, eHost was using vDeck control pane, but later they switched to cPanel control after considering its importance of reliability and flexibility.

Not only eHost changed the design of the website, but it also added several attractive and additional features to help customers in a better way.

eHost web hosting company is known for its simplicity and they provide all in one Linux shared web hosting package.

You will get all the required features and unlimited storage and bandwidth in a single shared web hosting plan.

With a shared web hosting plan, you can also use a simple drag and drop website builder that comes with over 1000 pre-designed templates to design your website.

In short, you can set up a website without breaking your head with technical details to make it an attractive one.

Simple to use website builder is a boon for the novice users to have such a handy website builder tool available for free.

To make your online presence more effective, eHost offers several features, so let’s go through all web hosting feature details, pros, and cons and other more interesting features of the eHost web hosting company.

eHost Review: –  Key features

Unlike the other hosting companies, eHost offers the low-cost shared web hosting plan to host your website, eHost is fully focused on shared web hosting services, so it does not branch out in the technologies including the Virtual private servers and dedicated servers, etc.

eHost offers all required and best features possible in shared web hosting at a reasonable price.

It assists you to get all the essential features that a website should possess to be successful in online business.

It offers you the same features that you can avail from the other web hosting companies including unlimited storage, disk space, bandwidth and website builder, but at affordable prices and you no need to worry if you are gonna miss few features if you choose a wrong web hosting plan.

Here are the key features listed below that make it stand out from the other hosting companies areas,

  • Free domain names- Get your professional domain name for free with all its hosting plans.
  • eHost offers the best apps to set up websites, blogs, and e-store with its one-click installation app.
  • You can get an unlimited email address associated with your website account. cPanel of these hosting plans take care of email marketing with the help of Autoresponders and email forwarding.
  • You can build up your website for free with using drag and drop website builder software; you can choose 1000s of professional-looking templates absolutely with no extra charges.
  • With expert e-commerce hosting packages, you can set up your online store for business at best prices,

eHost also helps you with PayPal integration and a variety of shopping carts installation.

  • Google search with the Google webmaster tools is an added advantage as it helps you monitor the websites and maintains your website’s online presence.
  • You can host unlimited domain accounts with one single shared web hosting account.
  • eHost guarantees a 30-day money-back when its web hosting services are not upto the mark.
  • eHost assists you with the 24/7 customer support, online help center, and step-by-step tutorials to help you in all your queries related to web hosting services.
  • eHost offers site protection with all shared web hosting plans.
  • Shared web hosting from eHost supports programming languages PHP, MySQL and even more.

eHost Review: –  Free Ad Credits and More

Along with the unlimited storage, bandwidth, it benefits your website by offering the additional extra credits over $100 worth including

  • Free 1GB of cloud storage.
  • Ad credits worth $100 for the searches in Bing and Yahoo for no charges.
  • The WordPress blog tools installed for free.
  • Free CMS installation and cPanel tools.

eHost Review: – Web hosting plans and flexible features

As we discussed earlier, eHost has web hosting plans that help your websites online every day.

With all web hosting plans, you avail a varied range of features that gives you a 100% satisfaction on your online presence.

Occasionally, eHost offers web hosting services at a 50% discount as an introductory offer by providing a shared web hosting plan for only $2.75 per month, billed annually.

For $2.75/Month it is the best web hosting plan when compared with the other hosting providers.

As mentioned earlier eHost offer single shared web hosting plan that is suitable for all kind of websites seeking for the great value, with shared web hosting eHost offer Design suite, Marketing suite and Support suite.

If you are looking for professional website designs, then you can try eHost Design suite (valued $100 worth for free) which will be offered as free along with a shared web hosting plan.

  • Free Drag & Drop Builder with no technical skills needed.

If you are just starting, then you can start with the eHost website builder, because of it. You to set up your website without any technical knowledge.

You can also choose between cPanel and website builder, both have their features and advantages to move forward.

  • You can choose out of 1,000’s of Templates that are suitable for your website design and requirements.
  • Readily available WordPress blog tools so that you can get into the world of expert webmasters in no time.
  • Setting up the Online E-commerce Store is a lot easier than before.
  • You can play with all webmasters Tools like a pro.

Marketing suite from eHost  (valued $100 worth for free) assist you with  great value that satisfies your websites marketing needs and it also offers you the extra credits as mentioned below,

  • You will get $100 worth credits for searches in the engines such as Yahoo / Bing absolutely for free.
  • eHost offers you the Site Analytics Software that regularly monitors and maintains your website.
  • You will also get a facility called Website Authentication Seal for security purposes.
  • And get the SEO Tools & Tips for free which helps you to market your online business successfully.
Next, comes the Support suite that satisfies the customer’s satisfaction with its services.
  • You will get awesome customer care support with Consumer Ranking Awards.
  • You can avail customer support suite valued approx $50 for free, which includes technical support 24/7 through Phone calls, Email & Chats.
  • Most preferably, your Calls will be answered in less than 2 Minutes for your queries.
  • The support is provided by Professional Phone Agents.
  • Amazing Tutorials & Online Help is also available for your issues related to website management and creation.

All three suites, Design, Marketing, and the Supporting suites are available for free as introductory offers along with a shared web hosting plan.

eHost Review: – PROS and CONS of eHost web hosting.

As you are aware, there is nothing called best in the web hosting the world. In short, not all the websites are the same with the same goals, budget, and expertise.

So based on your website requirements, few webs hosting companies offer may be pros or cons for your requirements.

You might have read about eHost reviews online, and found there may be both the positive and negative reviews of the customers since it’s in the web hosting business for a long time, you will see all kinds of reviews.

At this point, by considering customer reviews along with our experience, we would like to put forth the pros and cons, so that you can choose eHost web hosting services if you find their offer match with your requirements.

PROS of eHost hosting

eHost Review: – Affordable Shared Web Hosting Plan

eHost is the one among the best web hosting company, that provides you shared web hosting plan for affordable prices with several features.

When you make a comparison with the pricing of the other web-hosting providers, you will find it out to be one of the best choices.

You will get features, which are well suited to start and run the small business successfully online.

eHost Review: – cPanel based web hosting

eHost uses the cPanel control panel, cPanel control panel allows you to have full control over your web hosting account as you desired.

cPanel makes the tasks of adding new domains, install custom scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento, installation of WordPress tools, CMS installation, creating new email addresses simpler and easier.

eHost Review: – Ease of use

eHost website builder allows you to start building your website right away after signing up.

The website builder from eHost helps you with the drag and drop option, which is a more comfortable choice for the newbies with absolutely no technical knowledge.

You can build a website by customizing the things by simply adding the content, uploading the images and much more that, and the best part is you no need to write a single code line.

eHost Review: – Reliable uptime and server performance

eHost offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, excluding the scheduled maintenance. If in the case of its failure on its promise then you may be eligible for a one-month account credit as an extra.

eHost offers you this credit when you report your issue with evidence within 30 days in a month. However, most won’t let this happen.

eHost has its servers located in various data center locations so that you can choose web hosting services based on the server, which is located near to your customers.

This will help in improving website performance and reduces website page load time for your websites and e-commerce sites, so they can serve customers better and get better sales.

eHost Review: – Great value for money

eHost web hosting services offer great value for money because you will get all the required features in one shared web hosting plan and eHost also offers you extra credits worth $100 for free.

eHost Review: – Customer support

eHost focuses on customer support to ensure you get required help all the time 24×7.

It boasts the experienced experts to answer millions of queries, customer support is one of the features hard to beat and attract the customers towards eHost.

eHost Review: – Easy access

With the most shared web hosting plan, you will get SSH access, with SSH access you can manage your website easily by using command-line tools.

eHost Review: – Free Site backup

Not many web hosting providers offer free website backup, but eHost helps in a backup of your data and provides SSL protection security for your websites and blogs availing this hosting plan.

eHost Review: – Money back guarantee

Yes, of course, it will amaze you with its 30day money-back guarantee.

CONS of eHost web hosting

Though eHost has more PROS, still it is likely to suffer from a few CONS that are negligible and can be corrected in the future.

eHost Review: – Renewal Pricing

eHost offers a web hosting plan at affordable prices when you subscribe to web hosting services annually.

If in case, you subscribed for monthly tier, then then you should pay the regular price as the renewal charges but not the introductory price availed to you when you sign up.

eHost Review: – Single shared hosting

eHost hosting is not for the users who are looking for the high-end VPS, reseller or dedicated server.

eHost Review: – Not for High traffic websites

eHost’s hosting services are best suited for the small business online, but if you already receiving thousands of visitors monthly then the eHost web hosting plan is not suitable for you.

websites and blogs which already receive more traffic require higher bandwidth and storage, so eHost is not the right choice, you can try VPS web hosting to host your website.

eHost Review: –  Conclusion and Summary

If you are looking for the best start-up website, blog or e-store, then you can undoubtedly seek eHost web hosting services. eHost provides simple and powerful web hosting services to quickly set up your online website with little hassle in comparison with the other web hosting services in the market.

However, keep in mind that eHost is not for the websites which are already famous and receiving thousands of visitors.

But, eHost will ensure all the required features available for the money you spend, you will get a decent web hosting with no confusing plans.

Henceforth, we can say, eHost web hosting services provide everything you need to start up your online business.

  • Free Domain Name.
  • Unlimited web hosting resources
  • Affordable web hosting plan.
  • Excellent website builder software.
  • Free Adwords and Bing ad credits.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 customer care.
  • cPanel based control panel.
  • Single shared web hosting plan.
  • No VPS or dedicated web hosting plans.
  • Not suitable if you already own a high traffic website.

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