HostGator India Review

Why we choose to read a review before purchasing any product. Because this will helps you in purchasing the best and quality product. A review will help in building trust over the com[any. So if you want to purchase HostGator services then check out HostGator India ReviewWith this review, you can easily compare its plans and prices.

What makes them special?

Hostgator is one of the most recognized brands in the web hosting services industry. It’s been in the hosting business since 2002. With around 9 million websites, Hostgator is one of the best web hosting companies around the world. HostGator is also known for its remarkable growth in its web hosting business. They achieved excellent growth in a short period. HostGator would have not achieved this growth, if they didn’t provide reliable, high performance and affordable web hosting services.

Hostgator offers different web hosting services to ensure they are suitable for various web hosting requirements, they also offer shared hosting, virtual private server, cloud hosting and dedicated web hosting services. Like BlueHost India, HostGator India also belongs to the Endurance International Group. Which makes both BlueHost India and HostGator India are siblings. So they do share a lot of good qualities among them.

Both BlueHost India and HostGator India operate as an independent web hosting companies, though they belong to Endurance International Group.

So this HostGator India Review will help you in managing your choice with the best and reliable hosting plan.

Why HostGator India? Why not HostGator US site?

There are several reasons to choose HostGator India web hosting services instead of HostGator US web hosting services.

Most of these reasons are applicable while choosing other web hosting companies as well.

So below web hosting, factors are important to remember while choosing the right web hosting service for your website,

Particularly if your website has Indian users/customers.

Let’s go through various web hosting factors that affect your website load time or usability.

Knowing these factors is helpful to choose the right web hosting company to host your website.

Low latency & faster website.

First and foremost, the advantage of HostGator India is low latency while serving your website to your local customers.

If you are targeting to sell products or services to Indian customers, then it would be better to host a website using a web hosting company whose servers are geographically nearer to your target visitor.

Web servers that are located nearer to target customers will help you in serving your website with low latency.

This should help you in reducing your website load time.

So that your customers can find the fast and responsive website, most importantly a usable website.

You may ask, is it is really important to consider website speed when there are several other factors to consider.e.g. beautiful design or SEO, etc.

Yes, website load time matters a lot, irrespective of how good is your website design, your website need to serve its content to your visitor as quickly as possible.

So, choosing HostGator India VS HostGator US helpful if you want to take advantage of page load time.

The second advantage with Hostgator India over HostGator US is, HostGator India accepts payments from Indian banks.

So, you can do payments using net banking or using a debit card/credit card.

If you are new to online business, most likely you may not be aware that earlier hosting renewals were done using either PayPal or International credit cards.

But now with HostGator India, you can pay your web hosting renewals using Indian payment gateway’s.

This is helpful if you do not wish to do an international payment using your debit card or credit card.

Though there is nothing wrong with an international payment, it’s a matter of convenience.

So definitely you can consider this while choosing your web hosting service.

HostGator India Review: India Customer Care Service .

HostGator Customer support

One more reason to choose HostGator India vs HostGator US because you can get customer care service in your preferred language.

Customer support in the native language is helpful for customers who would like to take advantage of their native language.

Ok, that was a quick overview of few helpful features if you choose HostGator India vs HostGator Com.

Let’s have a look at the web hosting services details from HostGator India.

HostGator India and HostGator US both offer various web hosting services.

So most of your web hosting requirements should meet with either of these web hosting companies unless you have very specific web hosting requirements.

HostGator India offers several web hosting plans for their customers, they offer Linux and Windows shared web hosting services.

HostGator India also supports WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and phpBB application web hosting.

Apart from Shared web hosting services, HostGator India also provides VPS, dedicated and cloud web hosting services.

shared web hosting plans.

Hostgator India Review: Linux shared web hosting plans.

HostGator Linux shared hosting

Under Linux shared web hosting plan HostGator India offers three different plans, each shared web hosting plan well positioned in such a way that you will get web hosting resources that you feel important for your website.

HostGator India’s offers three different Linux shared hosting plans, namely.

  • Hatchling Plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business Plan.

Let’s go through each web hosting plan one by one.

1) Hatchling Linux shared web hosting plan.

This plan is for users who are just starting with any online business.

With this plan, HostGator India offers unlimited resources i.e. each account holder will get Unlimited disk space, Unlimited Bandwidth, and Unlimited Emails.

But, Hatchling plan doesn’t allow you to host more than one domain, which means if you have multiple websites, then you can’t host them all using HostGator India’s Hatchling plan.

However, if you have a single website and looking for affordable web hosting services, then the Hatchling web hosting plan is the right choice.

‘Hatchling’ Linux shared web hosting plan is good enough for most of the websites because even with ‘Hatchling’ plan we get unlimited resources for very less price.

So the Hatchling plan should be more than sufficient to host a website whose monthly visits don’t cross 20K/month.

2) ‘Baby’ Linux shared web hosting plan.

HostGator India’s Baby plan offers both value for money and all required features for most of the websites out there.

If you wanted to host multiple website domains on the same web hosting plan, then choosing ‘Baby’ plan is the right choice.

In the ‘Baby’ Linux web hosting plan, you can host unlimited website domains.

With this ‘Baby’ web hosting plan HostGator India offers unlimited web hosting resources, i.e. unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and emails.

So if you multiple websites or if you are a developer then HostGator India’s Baby plan is all you need.

3) ‘Business’ Linux shared web hosting plan.

As its name suggests HostGator India’s ‘Business’ web hosting plan tries to provide web hosting services keeping business requirements in mind.

The business web hosting plan includes a free SSL certificate along with unlimited resources.

SSL certificate is helpful to ensure your website communicates over a secured and encrypted connection.

Still, there are few debates if every website requires SSL or not, but installing the SSL certificate for eCommerce or business websites greatly improves credibility.

Apart from website credibility, SSL also helps users to do transactions over a secure connection.

So if you are hosting an eCommerce website then choosing ‘Business’ web hosting plan-helpful because you get free SSL, which usually costs around $50 to $100 per year.

Apart from SSL, HostGator India offers free dedicated IP along with its ‘Business’ web hosting plan.

You may be wondering what is the use of a dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP is helpful if you want to host private SSL on your website.

Apart from private SSL installation, dedicated IP can help you in accessing your website over IP address instead of the hostname.

You can read more about dedicated IP here.

So by offering SSL and dedicated IP HostGator India positioned Its ‘Business’ web hosting plan for business web hosting requirements.

That’s all from HostGator India Linux shared hosting plans.

If in case you want to host your website on Windows, then don’t worry,

HostGator India offers Windows shared web hosting as well.

Let’s have a look at HostGator India Windows shared web hosting plans

Hostgator India Review: Windows Shared Web Hosting.

It’s a little disappointing to find that HostGator India offers only two types of Windows shared web hosting services. Their ‘personal’ web hosting plan is reasonably priced, but the ‘Enterprise’ web hosting plan may be overkill for most of the users.  HostGator India offers ‘only Personal’ and ‘Enterprise’ plan with its Windows shared web hosting.

With a ‘Personal’ plan you can host a single website with unlimited disk space, Bandwidth and Emails. With the ‘Enterprise’ plan you can host 5 websites. Enterprise plan also offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth and emails along with Free dedicated IP and SSL certificate. So Enterprise plan is suitable to host a business website,

Whereas for casual blogging or portfolio websites ‘Personal’ web hosting plan can be the right choice.

All HostGator India’s windows web hosting plans include Plesk control panel, you can try Plesk control panel yourself here. Plesk control panel interface is different from than CPanel interface, but only Plesk is a widely used control panel in windows web hosting service. But overall Cpanel interface is a lot cleaner and simple.

So choose Windows web hosting service only if your website demands it.

But, if you have the flexibility to choose Windows/Linux web hosting service for your website, then choosing the Linux web hosting service is always a good idea. That’s all about HostGator India’s Windows and Linux shared web hosting plans and comparisons. However, if you are planning to host a WordPress website, then HostGator India also offers WordPress web hosting services.

Hostgator India Review: WordPress web hosting plan.

You can choose a WordPress web hosting service to host your WordPress website.

But Unfortunately, HostGator India’s WordPress web hosting plan is a basic Linux web hosting service, but renamed as a ‘Wordpress web hosting plan’.

So HostGator India’s WordPress web hosting plan is not an optimized WordPress hosting.

However, you can always install WordPress software and later optimize it, so you can go ahead with this plan if you wanted to install WordPress and optimize yourself.

OK, as of now we reviewed all web hosting services which are based on shared web hosting.

You may be aware that in shared web hosting, web hosting resources are shared with other users.

Shared web hosting is a great way to start because shared web hosting offers value for money, so shared web hosting plans always go easy with the packet.

However, shared web hosting services won’t give complete control to their users.

For most of the users, it’s fine, but if you have a specific app that requires specific software or configuration, then it is difficult to host your website on a shared web hosting service.

Because in shared web hosting you can’t customize web server or do other customizations as per your needs.

To address this issue, HostGator India offers VPS (Virtual Private server).

As the name suggests, it’s a private server that was created and allocated for one particular customer, so it allows you to customize as you wish.

HostGator India allows you to install any supported application or configure it as you like on their private virtual server.

Let’s have a look at HostGator India Virtual private server(VPS) offerings.

Hostgator India Review: Virtual Private Servers(VPS).

HostGator India offers two different VPS web hosting services, one is KVM based virtual private server and normal virtual private server. Both VPSs underlying hardware is the same, as per HostGator India KVM based virtual private servers are using KVM (kernel-based virtual machine) as a hypervisor. KVM is a Linux virtualization technology using which hosting providers can virtualize physical HW efficiently. So the performance of the virtual machines is almost identical to bare metal (Physical Hardware).

Hostgator India no-where mentioning its other virtual private server underlying Hypervisor technology. Most-likely normal VPSs are using VMWare or Zen based hypervisor. However, one observation is that both are using the same HW, so we can expect similar performance on both virtual private servers. But, to be safe you can sign up for KVM virtual private servers so that you can get high-performance VPS.

Features Of VPS Hosting

Virtual private servers(VPS) offer excellent flexibility in customization and software management, but they are not without cons.

With VPS still you will be sharing underlying hardware with other users, so your website performance still depends on other user activity on that Hardware.

Particularly network, memory and processor performance may get degraded in case if the same hardware is shared with multiple users.

So if you have a website that attracts thousands of visitors or if you are hosting a website that demands a high-performance web server, then you need a more powerful physical server than a virtual private server.

You can gain complete control over your web hosting server if you use dedicated servers.

Like other web hosting companies, HostGator India also offers dedicated web hosting services.

Let’s have a look at them.

HostGator India offers Linux, windows, managed and low power dedicated web hosting services,

You can choose any one of these dedicated hosting plans based on your website hosting requirements.

Let’s have a look at HostGator India Linux dedicated web hosting plans.

Hostgator India Review: Linux dedicated web hosting plans.

With Linux dedicated web hosting plan, HostGator India offers a very powerful server with 3.1 GHz quad-core processor with 6GB RAM.

There are four different plans in Dedicated web hosting,

All ‘Basic’, Standard, ‘Elite’ and ‘Pro’ plans offer 2 Free IPS and more than 1 TB bandwidth and more than 1000 GB hard disk space.

Dedicated servers are located in India, but you can choose server location if you want to host using US-based servers.

All these dedicated web hosting plans include free C-panel and WHMOS as add on.

If for some reason you are looking for Windows dedicated web hosting services, then don’t worry, HostGator India got covered them as well.

Let’s have a look at HostGator India windows dedicated web hosting plans.

Hostgator Review: Windows dedicated web hosting.

HostGator India using identical HW for Linux and Windows dedicated web hosting,

However, all windows dedicated web hosting plans have 2GB RAM less compared to Linux hosting plans.

This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but worth to keep it in mind.

One more thing to consider while choosing windows dedicated web hosting plan is, HostGator India doesn’t allow you to choose the server location.

Currently, they offer India origin servers for windows dedicated web hosting, this shouldn’t be a problem for most of the users, because you can always signup for US servers from HostGator com site if required.

Both Linux and Windows dedicated web hosting plans are self-managed dedicated web hosting services.

Self-managed dedicated hosting offers a lot of flexibility.

You will get support for hardware, network, and software related issues, but you won’t get support on security & anti-virus maintenance, etc.

It means you need to handle security and other software optimizations on your own,

This shouldn’t be a problem if you have a dedicated team to manage your website including hosting.

But, if you are looking for pre-optimized dedicated web hosting service,

Managed dedicated web hosting service

HostGator India’s Managed dedicated web hosting service is costlier than self-managed web hosting service, but you will get complete support from HostGator India. Here are a few differences between managed dedicated servers vs on managed dedicated servers. You can find the complete list here. As you can see under managed dedicated hosting plan HostGator India provides support for various hardware and software related issues. Getting support from the hosting provider is helpful if you want to completely outsource the technical issues and concentrate on your business. Apart from the above-dedicated web hosting plans, HostGator India also offers ‘deals on a dedicated hosting plan for approximately 50% of lesser than its lowest dedicated web hosting plan.

HostGator’s ‘deals on dedi’ web hosting plan offers 2.5 GHz processor and 4GB RAM instead of 3.6 GHz processor and 6GB RAM, Yet, ‘deals on dedi’ dedicated web hosting plans include the same amount of Bandwidth and storage. So these dedicated web hosting plans are useful for those who wanted to have a dedicated server but don’t have the budget for high-end servers. Hostgator India’s ‘deals on dedi’ web hosting plans should give more value for money than the virtual private server,

Because with these plans you will have complete control over your server including HW. That’s it from dedicated web hosting plans, apart from shared, VPS and dedicated web hosting, HostGator India also offers cloud and reseller web hosting.

Irrespective of which web hosting plan you choose, HostGator India provides excellent value for money. But keep in mind that servers are better in performance and reliability. However, as we mentioned earlier if providing services to Indian customers is your priority. Then choosing HostGator India web hosting services is the right choice.

Why Choose HostGator Services?

Simple and easy to use Cpanel is one of Hostgator’s greatest strength. Even novice users without much computer knowledge can set up and handle most of the issues related to the website. Almost all scripts (WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, etc) can be installed in a single click.

In case if you need any help HostGator community is helpful and they have solid documentation for most of the general issues. I hope our HostGator India Review helped choose the right web hosting service for your website.

With the quality service and plan they will also provide you some HostGator Coupons India Saving discount offer. So choose the best plan and start your website at cheap prices.

Let us re-iterate Hostgator India’s pros and cons.

Pros and cons of HostGator India

  • Impressive uptime.
  • One of the best Choice if your customers are from India.
  • Low latency.
  • Various plans on Shared, VPS and dedicated web hosting plans.
  • Simple and easy to use vanilla Cpanel.
  • Discounts during signup.
  • Option to choose Monthly tier.
  • Helpful community and documentation.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Slow support.
  • The support team is knowledgeable, but the long wait time is disappointing.
  • A lot of upsells.

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