HostGator Review

Did you know where the idea of Hostgator initiated? It was planned in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic City in the year 2002.

Hostgator has become the world’s leading provider of VPS, Dedicated, Reseller and Shared Web Hosting. For fully functional e-commerce websites to a small blogging website, Hostgator has got great plans in its kitty.

It is a wallet-friendly company that offers plenty of webmaster tools and resourceful boons at an affordable rate.

Other than Hostgator, there are various other web hosting companies available online that have proved themselves to be vital in the industry.

What makes Hostgator stand out in such a viable environment is it’s Shared Web hosting Plans. Although, it does have quality Virtual Private Server and dedicated plans what made a difference for this company was its Shared Web hosting.

It was only because of the robustness of its plans that it was crowned as a top pick in Editor’s Choice for Novice Webmasters.

In not more than a year from its birth, it had 112 active customers with it. The growth of this company has been splendid.

Hostgator Shared Web hosting

The plans available at Hostgator for shared web hosting plans are monthly. However, HostGator pushes exceedingly for you to sign up for the long term.

What takes away market from this brand is its sign up process, where Hostgator defaults to a three-year term

This is indeed a desperate thing to do for a company like HostGator, considering its name and fame.

Hostgator brings to you Linux and Window based shared web hosting packages that make ample space for small businesses or personal websites to flourish.

Let’s go through all web hosting plans from HostGator.

First, let us walk you through shared web hosting plans.

HostGator Review: – “Hatchling” Shared Web hosting plan.

Hostgator’s Hatchling shared web hosting plan is famous among the web hosting community.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly web hosting then start with the Hatchling plan that starts with a monthly price of $10.95 will give you unlimited bandwidth, disk space, databases, email addresses, one domain, and third-party applications, for example, eCommerce platforms and CMS.

Hatchling shared web hosting plan costs you $3.95/Mo if you subscribe for a 3-year plan, you can save big with more than a 1-year subscription.

HostGator Review: – “Baby” Shared web hosting plan.

If you already own more than one website, then you need a powerful web hosting plan. With HostGator’s “Baby” shared web hosting plan you can more than one website.

You can get “Baby Plan” for $11.95 which lists identical features as Hatchling Plan plus unlimited domains.

But with the three-year subscription you can get it for $5.96, the Baby plan is well suited for individual or business website owners who are looking for a powerful web hosting plans, but at affordable prices.

HostGator Review: – “Business” shared web hosting plan.

If you need more security features and robust web hosting for your business website, then you can try HostGator’s “Business” shared web hosting plan.

With a “Business” shared web hosting plan, HostGator offers Private SSL and dedicated IP to configure security certificates for your website.

These highly specialized options such as private SSL certificate and free toll-free phone number is offered along with their top-tier business plan for $16.95 per month which provides necessary tools to host a business website.

Hostgator Review: – Virtual Private Server Packages

Again, there are plenty of choices in Linux-based VPS packages as well, offered by Hostgator. It starts at $19.95 per month.

This one is an ideal option for the customers who expect high traffic volumes and have certain compliance requirements that are keeping you from choosing shared servers.

Also, price-wise, this one is way economical than dedicated servers whereas, the features are highly useful.

So, the basic plan called Snappy 2000 comes with 2 GB RAM, 120 GB Disc Space, and 1.5 TB of monthly data transfer for $79.95 each month.

If you go for a three-year commitment, it will cost you as low as $19.95 each month.

Snappy 4000 offers 4 GB RAM, 2 TB monthly data transfer and 165 GB storage. It is available for $119.95 but you can get it for $29.95 with 3 years commitment.

Then there is Snappy 8000 available to you at $149.95 every month and $39.95 with a 3-year promise. This plan gives 8 GB RAM, 3 TB data transfer, and 240 GB Disk space.

Hostgator Review: – Dedicated web hosting plans

Dedicated server packages are always expensive. At Hostgator, these packages start from $179/month and they offer an impressive set of features such as 1TB storage, 25 TB monthly data transfer and 16 GB RAM.

Considering its competitors, Hostgator is doing just fine with great offerings with this package.

The dedicated Servers here come in both Linux and Windows.

This brand has proved itself to be credible for offering both operating systems in a resourceful way, unlike other brands that fail to provide good window-based dedicated web hosting.

Hostgator Review: – WordPress web hosting plans

For WP, there are three tiers of managed web hosting plans available at Hostgator. The starter plan is available at a meager price of $14.95/month and offers 25,000 visits each month, unlimited emails, 50 GB storage, etc.

The standard plan is available for $20.95 and it allows you to manage 2 WP sites, 200000 monthly visits and disk space of 150 GB. A business plan starts at $27.95 and allows you to manage 3 WP sites with unlimited storage and 390,000 monthly visits.

All the plans have page caching and optimized WP web hosting environment.

Hostgator Review: – Cloud web hosting Services

Well, with the increased affection for cloud among customers, here are three plans offered by Hostgator for Cloud Web hosting.

The Hatchling Cloud is the basic plan starting at $4.95/month and it comes with 1 Domain, 2 GB Memory and 2 Core CPU. The second plan is the Baby Cloud which will provide you unlimited domains, 4 GB memory, and 4 Core CPU. It is available for $7.95/month. And the last plan is called Business Cloud which is available at a price range of $9.95 and offers services such as Unlimited Domains, 6 GB Memory, 6 Core CPU, Free Private SSL & IP.

Hostgator VS the Competitors

While there is a buffet set for brilliant choices in web hosting, Hostgator is off the charts due to its splendid buck-saving policy and interesting offerings.

Not all competitor web hosting brands are offering a private SSL Certificate with their business plans and a toll-free phone number.

There is an unbelievable drop in prices of the packages when bought with 3 years commitment. The VPS plans are much more flexible than the brands renowned for providing top-rated VPS web hosting.

Unlike other brands that have been proved unsuccessful in providing equally amazing operating system services, Hostgator has made it possible with flying colors.

HostGator Review: – Pros and Cons of Hostgator

Here are some plus points that highlight the creditability of Hostgator:

  • A diverse range of web hosting plans in each niche
  • Amazing long term pricing and unbelievable discounts
  • Money is refunded to the customers if Hostgator fails to keep its promise
  • 99% uptime guaranteed
  • HostGator Website Builder
  • Free migration of your website from one web hosting provider to another
  • Very transparent
  • 45 Days money-back guarantee


  • Customer service is questionable
  • It is cheap but not the cheapest. There are other brands out there that are providing even economical packages
  • Dedicated IP and in-house domains are expensive
  • Fewer Freebies

HostGator Review: – Conclusion and Recommendation.

So what’s our take on Hostgator? Well, hope we have made it pretty simple for the customers to assimilate if Hostgator is a solution for them or not.

Undeniably, this one has great packages. They are certainly not the cheapest but the pricing has been done fairly. Other perks such as diversity in web hosting plans, SSL certificates, etc. will surely make you consider this brand.

Hostgator has been in action for more than a decade and has been crowned with various awards as well. This one surely deserves positive credits from us.

For neophytes who have just started looking for web hosting companies, this is your one-stop drop and you will never regret it.

  • 45 Days Money back guarantee.
  • Free marketing goodies ($200) worth Google and Bing ads credit.
  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee.
  • Free website migration.
  • Monthly subscription, no long term subscription required.
  • Customer service is questionable.
  • Renewal charges are more after completion of long term subscription.
  • Add-ons are costly.

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