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Cheap, yet powerful web hosting service.

If you are looking for affordable but high-performance web hosting, then you can stop your search right away, because iPage offers both value for money and high performance with its affordable web hosting plans.

In this iPage review, we will walk through why iPage got so much attention from technology and blogging enthusiasts.

iPage Hosting is one of the predominant brands from the Endurance International Group (EIG).

They are in hosting business since 1998, it’s been one of the well-known hosting providers for personal, small business and non-profit organizations websites or blogs.

iPage has its headquarters in Burlington, MA, USA and in addition to six offices locating different places worldwide to serve one million web hosting customers, iPage currently owns two data centers in the U.S.

iPage Review: – An economical web hosting provider.

iPage is one of the other web hosting providers of Endurance International Group (EIG) including Bluehost and HostGator.

With Business Bureau A+ Rating (BBB), iPage ensures your web hosting requirements are addressed with quality.

BBB credit is given to the companies, who can handle the customer complaints professionally and it assures that the service which you opted is high quality.

In the web hosting domain, it is one of the well-known shared hosting providers, which is in the market for a quite long time.

Web hosting services are complicated due to the technical complexity involved in setting up and managing a server.

But, iPage is famous for simplifying all technical difficulties related to web hosting, so that even non-tech savvy users also can easily manage their website.

So even if you are not well versed in technical aspects of hosting, iPage will provide you excellent hosting solution by eliminating all technical difficulties, so that you can focus on your business.

Apart from easy to use webhosting, another main advantage of iPage over other web hosting providers is, iPage offers unlimited space, bandwidth, emails, databases, and they also allow unlimited websites to host.

Though most of the web hosting providers offer unlimited space and bandwidth, they usually do not offer unlimited databases, domains (websites) and emails.

So, choosing iPage is the right choice if you want to host more than one website at affordable prices.

iPage, the Web hosting company’s key features.

As mentioned earlier, I Page is famous for its economical and affordable web hosting services for all kind of websites, not limited to business, personal, social, and non-profit websites from the last 10 years as of now.

iPage offers you all required features, tools, web hosting solutions and expert support to ensure you create and manage an efficient website to grow your business online exponentially.

With iPage web hosting services, you can be sure that you will have a solid online presence.

So, iPage, not only focuses on providing web hosting services but also assures you have online presence of your small business or personal brand.

iPage offers domain registrations along with shared, VPS and dedicated web hosting services.

Currently iPage powering over 1.5M websites globally, so you will be in company with I Page.

The key features that make it stand out from other web hosting providers are as follows,

  • You will get unlimited disk space and data transfer with even its low-cost essential web hosting plan, which costs you just $3.95 per month.
  • Apart from unlimited resources, you will get Free Domain Name & Instant website setup without any delay.
  • You will get 30 days money-back guarantee with all web hosting plans, you can ask for money back if you are not satisfied with I Page web hosting services.
  • iPage guarantees 99.9% Uptime along with continuous monitoring.
  • Not an expert in website creation? No worries, iPage will help you make your websites using the FREE website building software for free.
  • With every iPage web hosting plan, you will get worth over $450 marketing credits as FREE goodies.
  • iPage also boasts 24/7 technical support to help you with all queries and problems that your website may encounter.
  • I Page offers a great deal of flexibility, removing all the overcomplicating in setting up the sites.
  • You get simplified web hosting services to host your website; with a simplified custom control panel it would be easy to manage your website even if you are not a technical person.
  • I Page purchases green credits to encourage renewable energy, so It boasts the eco-friendly web servers hosting services so that all enjoy carbon-free earth!

iPage Review:- Marketing  Credits for your new business

  • We all know how difficult to survive and get success in online business, iPage offers free ad credits along with attractive features. So these credits are helpful to promote your newly developed business website.
  • iPage offers  $100 worth google AdWords Voucher! So, you can start advertising your website instantly online. Furthermore, you will get $50 Yahoo & Bing Search Credit, $50 Facebook Ad Credit and also get a free Yellow Pages Business Listing (database) along with US toll-free number.
  • For eCommerce enthusiasts, iPage offers free Award-winning Shopsite e-commerce solutions.

With ShopSite you can easily integrate an easy to use shopping cart software, An easy and attractive shopping cart is an important feature irrespective of you are a  small to medium-sized business or an established brand.

  • You can do one-click WordPress installation with iPage web hosting, I Page also offers WordPress shared webhosting plan if you want to host the WordPress website.
  • You never worry about your website security, I Page Sitelock to secure your website. Sitelock is to find and fix malware issues and keep your site error-free.

iPage Review :- web hosting plans & features


As mentioned earlier, iPage is one of the leading shared web hosting providers worldwide.

One of the nice thing about I Page is they won’t offer several web hosting plans with few changes, instead I Page offers one single shared web hosting plan that too at an affordable price, so with I Page web hosting essential Plan you can get all most all features which you need to host your website.

It is essential to web hosting plan cost you $1.99/month (exclusive offer) but regularly it will cost you $3.95/month, the essential web hosting plan is all-in-one plan includes all features along with free website builder tool to create your website even without using any script.

One thing surely appreciable is how an iPage shared hosting plan can provide so many features to build your business or personal website at an affordable price, apart from web hosting I Page provides you access to site builder software, along with great technical support to create a responsive website.

You will get 24/7 technical assistance on any issue you face with the I Page web hosting service.

Moreover, this hosting plan comes with the money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services.

With every web hosting plan, you will get below features; let’s go through them one by one,

  •  Shared web hosting plan(Essential) includes Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth & Email along with free Domain Registration.
  • You can also host an unlimited website on a single web hosting plan.
  • If you are creating a dynamic website, then most likely you need a database to save your website data, so I Page offer you unlimited MySQL databases.
  • iPage offers you a FREE security suite to safeguard your website from threats and malware.
  • As mentioned earlier, the essential shared web hosting plan is the all-in-one plan includes built-in tools, which is backed up by a powerful server.
  • Website creation should be easy with the FREE Site-Building Tools, especially with drag and drop iPage Website Builder; you should be live in minutes.
  • You can not only create a FREE Online Store, but you can also promote it using free google, yahoo, facebook and Bing marketing credits.
  • iPage trying hard to utilize renewable energy as much as possible, by buying GREEN  credits, I Page is trying to power up all data enters with 100% green energy.

How good shared web hosting is, it has its disadvantages.

You may face an issue with website performance, once you start receiving more visitors for your site.

You can try to optimize your website with various cache plug-ins and techniques, but you need to move to VPS (virtual private server) if nothing works.

iPage offers three different Virtual Private Server plans, namely Basic, Business and Optimum VPS web hosting plan.

Let’s go all one by one.

iPage Review:- “Basic” VPS web hosting plan.

With the “Basic” VPS web hosting plan, I Page offers semi-private resources with guaranteed memory along with the high-performance server.

You will get 1-Core CPU equipped with 1GB RAM, with 40GB storage and 1TB bandwidth. One free domain is offered with a Basic VPS web hosting plan, so it’s good to add on.

However for the price, 1-crore CPU with 1GB RAM may be a little low, Basic VPS web hosting plan cost you $19.99/month with a one-time offer.

iPage Review:- “Business” VPS web hosting plan.

From the web resources point of view, the Business VPS web hosting plan offers a better configuration than the “Basic” plan.

You will get a 2-Core CPU with 2GB RAM along with 90GB storage and 3TB bandwidth.

Though storage and bandwidth are adequate for any business website, you may consume all processing power if you have a very high traffic website, but for most of the business websites “Business” VPS web hosting plan offers the right balance between money and performance.

Monthly subscription for “Business” VPS web hosting plan is $47.99/month with one time offer.

iPage Review:- “Optimum” VPS web hosting plan.

If you are already receiving millions of views per month, then it’s time to get powerful VPS.

With the “Optimum” VPS web hosting plan, I Page offers 4-core CPU, 8GB RAM and 120 GB with 4TB bandwidth.

With a time offer, you can get an “optimum” VPS web hosting plan for $79.99/month.

All  VPS web hosting plans come with user-friendly cPanel, using which you can take care of your website maintenance, you can configure your virtual private server as per your website requirements.

With every I Page virtual private server web hosting plans, you will get root access using which you can do all server related maintenance activity.

Since these are managed virtual private server plans, you no need to worry about the hardware or any software issues with your web hosting service.

Experts from I Page will provide complete support on VPS related issues, so you never need to worry about the technical issues.

The I Page provides dedicated servers with almost identical features to the VPS web hosting plans, but with dedicated web hosting, you will get the complete server to host your website, so dedicated servers offer top-notch performance compared to Virtual private servers, but they are very costly.

So, usually, you need dedicated servers only when you are trying to host a full-fledge business or resource-intensive app.

Apart from shared, VPS and dedicated web hosting services, iPage also offers WordPress web hosting, with WordPress web hosting plans you will get WordPress with the pre-installed theme and plug-ins along with your website is optimized for speed.

If you have a website created in WordPress, then iPage also offers a separate set of WordPress Plans that slightly differs from the Essential plan.

they offer two WordPress web hosting plans, WpStart and WpEssential.

Both plans offer free domain registration, unlimited web resources along with support for unlimited websites.

Let’s go through each WordPress web hosting plans separately.

iPage Review:- “WPStarter” web hosting plans

With the WpStarted WordPress web hosting plan, you will customize the control panel along with pre-installed themes and plug-ins.

You can install a theme from a few handpicked themes.

WpStarter WordPress web hosting plan costs $3.75 per month, so it’s suitable for customers who are looking to start with their WordPress website.

If you need Support on WordPress issues and looking for more powerful and secured WordPress hosting then you can try the WpEssential WordPress web hosting plan from iPage.

iPage Review:- “WpEssential” WordPress web hosting plan.

WPEssential web hosting plan costs $6.95 per month. You get all features from the WpStarter plan, plus few more features to enhance your website and performance.

You can opt for a WpEssential plan if you are looking for a faster and secure website, I Page is using SSD-based infrastructure to enhance your site speed and performance.

With all these amazing features you can serve your website visitors without any hiccups.

With all WordPress hosting plan, you will get below features,

  • You’ll get a FREE domain registration
  • You can use free marketing credits to promote your newly created website.
  • One of the most interesting features is unlimited storage space
  • Pre-installed themes and plug-ins for free, you can further customize as you wish.
  • Scalable bandwidth to accommodate your increasing website traffic.

iPage Review:-  iPage web hosting pros and cons.

Since iPage is one of the leading web-hosting providers, millions of customers use I, Page, so you will find several reviews about the I Page web hosting service.

You will see both positive and negative reviews because it is in business for so long in the web hosting business.

So, it’s impossible to go through all user reviews and find out if they are really good web hosting provider or not.

However, as per our experience, we can say iPage delivers what it is promising, for such a low price you will get unlimited web resources to host any kind of website.

But, they are not without any cons, we will discuss those too.

However, one thing to keep in mind is, there is no such best web hosting service, so you have to choose to host based on your requirement by looking at different aspects such as budget, ease of use, customization, etc.

If you are looking for cheap and best web hosting provider, then surely iPage is one of them, you can try an essential shared web hosting plan to start.

Since iPage offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can cancel if you find their web hosting services are not suitable for your website requirements.

By considering various factors and views, we tried to list out the pros (advantages) of their web hosting plans, to help you in choosing the right web hosting plan.

iPage Review:- PROS of iPage web hosting services

  •  Unique Plans and its Features

First and foremost, one thing you would like to do before subscribing to any hosting plan compares different hosting plans and find out which one is the best web hosting plan for you,

With most web-hosting providers, you need to compare several web hosting packages.

But, all most all web hosting companies have several plans which are confusing, however, in case of iPage, it provides you unique and single plan,

So that you no need to worry about comparison, they offer all features required to host a website which usually is 3x costlier if you go with other web hosting companies.

Apart from an affordable web hosting plan, a simple control panel and other features can be considered as a notable advantage when compared to other hosting providers, the best part is you will get all these in one single shared web hosting plan.

Essential web hosting should satisfy all of your requirements including the hosting unlimited Domains, unlimited email addresses, unlimited Databases, and unlimited Disk Space along with unlimited bandwidth, on top of all free domain for one year.

  • iPage Review:- Standard and cheap pricing plans

iPage provides web hosting plans at cheaper rates than any other hosting providers like DreamHost. You can get Essential plan hosting for $1.99/month (Regularly $10.95/month).

  • iPage Review:- Great Customer Support

Truth be told, there is no use if we get mediocre web hosting service how cheap it is,  we don’t want our visitors to face performance issues due to low-quality web hosting plans.

Though their web hosting plans are lot cheaper, you will get full 24/7 support like any other web hosting company,  and customer care is quick enough to resolve any issue related to your web hosting plan.

iPage offers 24×7 customer support through email, tickets, chat, and phone.

  • iPage Review:- Higher CPU resources usage

It allows you to use even higher CPU usages compared to the other web-hosting providers, few may suspend your web hosting service without any notice.

The best thing with them is, they will send the report with detailed info to fix the problem when your website overuses the RAM or CPU within 48 hrs.

  • iPage Review:- Application Support and Integration

It supports the Third-Party Application Support and Integration Options- If you run an e-commerce website by this hosting, then it is more helpful for you to have secure transactions.

iPage Review:- CONS of  iPage web hosting services

Likewise, like any web hosting provider, I Page also has its disadvantages. Though its customer support is pretty good, it lacks in a few areas.

  • iPage Review:- Expensive renewal charges

iPages offers several discounts and exclusive offers if you with more than one year tier, but after completion of that subscription, you need to pay at their regular web-hosting cost.

Generally, you won’t find any discounts from the iPage after your initial subscription, but no worries we will try our best to get some exclusive deals.

However, their regular plan pricing is a bit costlier than an initial subscription.

  • iPage Review:- Customised cPanel

They use less popular vDeck control panel instead of cPanel.

Since all other web hosting providers use cPanel as standard cPanel, you may find difficult to use the vDeck control panel if you are already familiar with cPanel.

But, this shouldn’t be a problem if you are new to web hosting because vDeck also offers similar functionality and ease of use like cPanel.

  • iPage Review:- Unwanted Upsells

Usually, web hosting provides upsells to improve its services.

Even iPage is no exception; upsells usually cause frustrating user experience.

  • iPage Review :- Average Uptime

iPage offers 99.9% uptime, which is industry standard uptime, however in practice, you may face an issue with uptime, on average you may find your site is down for  2-3 minutes in one month.

Though 2-3 minutes’ downtime is not a deal-breaker for most of the website owners, if you want your site to be available 24/7, then you need to reconsider your choice.

iPage Review:-  Conclusion and final thoughts

In short, the iPage hosting provider aims at providing extensive support for new hosting users with ample features including free website builder software, preinstalled themes, and plugins along with unlimited resources.

iPage web hosting plans are a lot cheaper than any other web-hosting providers, only con is you need to subscribe for more than two years to get maximum benefits.

Overall, we can say iPage is affordable and reliance web hosting provider for the money you spend, their web hosting is suitable for small business owners along with personal websites, however, if you have a resource-intensive website with several users, then their shared web hosting may not be the right choice for you.

iPage customer support is good, but you may face issues related to uptime and web site performance, but they are manageable if you are looking for an affordable web site to start with the first online website or business.

So, we can conclude that their web hosting plans offer you several features for an attractive price so that web hosting goes easy with your pocket.

I hope this iPage review helped choose the right web hosting provider for your website.

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