SiteGround Web Hosting Review

SiteGround is one of the massive platforms for providing the best quality hosting service at the best price to its users.  With the highest rating and popularity in the hosting industry, SiteGround becomes the most trustworthy webhosting providing company.  With unique features and completely comfortable WordPress webhosting, they are perfect to make your website best. When it comes to services and support SiteGround Web Hosting is always on the top in the webhosting companies list.  Even it is official WordPress recommended webhosting providing company which is fully optimized according to the WordPress websites need.

SiteGroung Features

There are around five countries in which SiteGround have their data center.  With 8 lakhs domains and 400 of employment are under SiteGround. They have excellent performance in speed and maintaining your website on the road. If you are a beginner then selecting SiteGround for your web hosting provider can be the absolute choice for your website.  And there are many reasons which prove that SiteGround is best for beginners as well as experienced people.  Here we will discuss what those reasons are and what the reasons because of which people hate SiteGround.  So let’s get started towards the advantages you get from SiteGround webhosting service.

Why SiteGround is that much popular in the hosting industry?

SiteGround Web Hosting Disadvantage

  1. Fastest loading speed for your website

SiteGround is always considered as the speed king in the hosting industry.  Selecting a SiteGround web hosting plan for your website to increase your website speed up to 4 times.  As speed is one of the best factors behind the SEO and performance of any website. So you should care about the speed of your website. SiteGround uses software and ways to keep your website light weighted and speedy.  The reason behind the speed of SiteGround is that they use SSD instead of HDD in their server.  Which deliver you fast network data up to 30% than the normal hard drive.   SiteGround web hosting company also there for the outdated software which makes slow down your website.  Keep everything updated according to the stress and the latest version of the software to serve you excellent performance.

  1. Best server response time to your any search

The server response time for your request is really important for every website owner.  Even Google also considers server response time after a factor for SEO.  Your server response time must be under 200ms for the best performance.  SiteGround offers you the best server response time in comparison to any other Top class web hosting companies.

  1. Great server uptime since 2014

 If you want to decide and compare a webhosting company just compare it server uptime first.  Because server uptime is one of the factors which make a webhosting company trustworthy or unreliable.  SiteGround offers you a 99.9% server uptime guarantee to its users.  Even since 2014 SiteGround server uptime is monitor and the result is 100%.  The better server time you have the better chance you have to grow in your field.  SiteGround youth many techniques and ways to reduce the downtime of their webhosting which other webhosting companies never care about.  And that is the reason SiteGround guarantee you to provide 99.9% server uptime every minute.

  1. Officially recommended by WordPress itself

 SiteGround comes under the list of few websites which are officially recommended by WordPress itself.  Which means it is optimized according to the WordPress website needs.  You get hundreds of best features for your WordPress website if you go with SiteGround webhosting service.  In SiteGround webhosting, you get excellent WordPress support,  with one-click installation and auto-update facility for your WordPress website which is very great.  Even because of excellent WordPress managing features SiteGround ranks on the first position in WordPress website hosting.

  1. Exclusive customer support for all  queries

 Any web hosting is always judged by its customer support.  Because customer support is the only factor that makes a web hosting company trustworthy for the user.  With incredible support and help facility, SiteGround is available in the online industry for you.  SiteGround offers you 24/7 live chat and contact support to every user.  Even when you want you can directly make a phone call to the team of SiteGround webhosting to solve your query and problem.  Even online you can found many articles that have a solution for your queries and problems so that you not need to contact the SiteGround team.  Based on the support facility SiteGround is always the best web hosting provider in the world.

  1. Free daily backup to make your website secure

 SiteGround shared webhosting comes with a regular backup feature.  So if you are worried about your data then just relax because if you are with SiteGround then your all hard work is going to be saved for life.  We understand that you do not have enough time to maintain regular backup of your website and there is nothing bad as compared to losing your files.  SiteGround comes with automatic backup maintaining features with their shared plans.  You will get the backup of your every post updated for the last 30 days.  And the best thing you do not need to do anything for it because SiteGround will do it for you.

  1. Auto-update and software library

 For increasing your efficiency and protect productivity SiteGround comes with auto-update features of your website.  So that you get faster speed every time on the server.  SiteGround automatically installs the latest version of software on your server.  In short in the background, SiteGround is always running to make your website optimized according to the need.   Even SiteGround has a software library for your different software needs for different purposes.

  1. SiteGround has 5 data center worldwide

 SiteGround is one of the biggest webhosting company and that’s why it has 5 data centers in different countries which is London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Milan, and Singapore the top major country.  Even in India, it has excellent speed in comparison to other webhosting company servers. Which makes SiteGround one step ahead in comparison to other webhosting companies.

  1. Enjoy free site migration

 Many of the webhosting companies run with the strategy to never let their customers out of their hosting service by never giving them free site migration.  But with SiteGround webhosting, you get free site migration all the time.  This shows that SiteGround webhosting is a genuine and reliable webhosting company for the user.  You can easily switch your hosting provider with SiteGround by filling the simple form and they will do everything in 24 hours.

Siteground Advantages & Disadvantages

 Why you do not need to choose SiteGround web hosting for your website?

  1. Restriction and limited resources on  shared web hosting plans

 One of the major disadvantages which people usually get by selecting SiteGround web hosting is that it offers Limited storage in shared plans.  but in a way, it is good also because by applying restriction on shared web hosting plans SiteGround gives equal resources to everyone.

  1. Hiring  renewal price

 SiteGround has another drawback of renewable prices.  And that is the reason most of the new beginners who have budget restrictions become hesitant to select SiteGround web hosting for their website.  But still, it’s some plans that are reasonable and easy to afford.

 Conclusion:  should we go with SiteGround web hosting?

 On our recommendation, we will ensure you that selecting SiteGround webhosting will never let you any problem happen with your website.  You will get the best hosting experience with SiteGround webhosting every time. Because of its impressive advantages like support and features it becomes the number one webhosting providing company in the world who has limited which can easily be overcome.  Either you are a beginner or experienced website owner selecting SiteGround is the best step for ensuring your progress in the future. Hope So SiteGround Web Hosting Review has provided you enough information. Even if you have any doubts regarding SiteGround you can make it clear by directly contact them on their website through various channels.

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